Established in 2002, Eker Aviation & Defence Systems Ltd. is a dynamic and vibrant company determined to set new standards of quality and safety in the Turkish aviation industry. Through unique distribution channels established with leading global manufacturers, EKER Aviation & Defence Systems Ltd., provides comprehensive range of products to various customers including flight academies, general and commercial aviation companies in Turkey. Our customers benefit from a complete range of services catering to all of their business requirements and our experienced and dedicated staff ensure that our success is our customers’ success.




As a primary and sole business partner of Garmin Aviation and Bose Aviation in Turkey, EKER Aviation takes firm steps towards becoming a leading distributor and representative firm in the area of wholesale trade of a variety of products including tools, components, spare parts, equipment, systems and sub-systems and other instruments fundamental to the actors in the Turkish aviation sector.




In addition to being an active supplier of a large array of products available in the market, EKER Aviation specializes in the provision of maintenance, installation services and technical assistance to its customers at Sivrihisar General Aviation Centre. In all its business endeavors, EKER Aviation is dedicated to provide its customers with products and services that are consistently excellent, professional, innovative and customer-driven in order to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.

Embracing quality, variety, reliability, innovation, diligence and perseverance as fundamental characteristics of its business tradition without sacrificing any, EKER Aviation will remain loyal to these principals which have made our company unique in the aviation industry.

Best regards,


Huseyin EKER
Manager Director

EKER Aviation & Defence Systems Trade Ltd.
Mutlukent Mah.1961.cad.25-1 06800-Umitkoy Ankara-TURKEY


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